Ways Of Treating Sinus Headaches


Sinus headaches can be triggered by many factors. These may include pressure changes, swimming, tooth infection, cold or allergies. A sinus infection may happen at any time worsen in some seasons due to changing temperatures, increase in dust or saturation of pollens. The symptoms of such headaches are similar to those of tension and migraine headaches. It is critical therefore to consult a doctor to know the type of a headache you are having. This helps the doctor to prescribe the right medication for you. If the diagnosis shows that you are suffering from a sinus headache then you can use some simple treatments

How to deal with sinus headaches



You need t always keep your body hydrated. When you have a sinus infection, the tissue in your nasal passage becomes inflamed leading to congestion. Taking a lot of fluids on a regular basis can help bring down the inflammation and also relieve a headache caused due to sinus.

Nasal spray

This is another great home remedy for a sinus and sinus headache. You can choose to use either a nasal spray or a decongestant made from salt water. These nasal decongestants can help relieve pain due to sinus headaches. The spray will keep the down the inflammation and drain it as well. A nasal spray made of salt water is good for reducing inflammation of your sinus passages. Avoid however using these more than six times daily.

Decongestant prescribed by a doctor

Decongestants are designed to relieve sinus headaches lowering the inflammation and improving you’re the drainage in your nasal passages. Ensure that you take the right dosage and use the decongestant according to the instructions of use. You should also remember not to take these decongestants longer than the prescribed duration of time. Consult with your doctor before you use a decongestant for sinus treatment.

Gentle sinus massage

You can work gently over the painful parts of the face like temples or forehead. Use the fingertips to massage the area. This will open up the spaces to assist with the drainage. If there is no improvement and relieve after some minutes then stop.

Avoid drinking alcohol

healthleftafcsgdhfjkglAbstaining from alcoholic drinks can help treat sinus headaches. Imbibing alcoholic drinks causes the nasal tissues and sinus to swell thus causing headaches. Avoiding these drinks can help to relieve sinus and headaches due to sinus.

Try these simple home remedies to get relieved from headaches caused by sinus.