Tips on buying makeup

Buying make up can be a hit or miss, since not everything works the same on everyone’s features and body. What we thought looks good on other people might not be the one for us, and vice versa. Makeup is a fun thing that almost every woman use to enhance their natural features. Since the range price can be from drugstore to high end, it would be disappointing to purchase an item only to get a miss. Here are a few tips on buying makeup so you won’t regret your purchase.

Pick a trusted brand

The first and foremost tip is to always go with a trusted brand. See your makeup bag and look if there’s a brand that you tend to go with, or find a product that you enjoy the most and see if that company have any other products besides for what you currently have. If I may give you a suggestion, Avon is one of the examples of a trusted beauty company that you can trust. Open Avon Catalog and try one of their products and see if it suits you. Who knows, you might find yourself going back and buying more products.

Online and offline reviews

ngibrih97hThis part is almost as important as the makeup company. I personally wouldn’t buy a makeup if I haven’t read or watch the reviews. From reviews, you can know what to expect from the product. What the color looks like, durability, texture, all the pros and all the cons. Of course at the end of the day, we will have our own opinion on the product and how it fits us, but it still helps on buying decision process. So we know what we are getting ourselves into when buying the product.

What’s in trend

Beauty trends move and change quickly. And 2017 was the year of highlighter. Keeping up with the trend will help to make your look relatable and up to date. This tip doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to always follow the trend, but you can at least always know what’s up. Beauty trend is important because it still influences what products would be available in the store. Beauty brands would create products accordingly to what is currently trending.

Consider the utility

hc3btr68oSometimes when we are buying a product we would doubt and ask ourselves, do I want or need this? And when in doubt about makeup always think and consider the utilization. For example, you want to buy a contour palette because every girl you know is wearing it and you want to jump on the same wagon. But if you are having a second thought, ask yourself whether you are really into the idea of contouring or not. All makeups are complimentary, and there is no rule to it, so each of us has our different preferences, and it’s okay not to like a certain product. If you don’t love or need contour, probably best not to buy it.

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