Different types of thermometers

The baby thermometer is vital for a parent with toddlers since they need to monitor the temperature of their child. A rise or drop in your child might be problematic; you need a thermometer to determine the temperature of your baby accurately. The low or high temperature may be a sign of a severe infection or illness. Let us now look at the different types of the thermometers;

Rectal thermometer


The rectal thermometers are one of the most accurate baby thermometers. This makes them the recommended option for the newborn babies. They can be obtained in the drugstore or baby shop and are not that costly. One of the disadvantages of the rectal thermometer is that it takes much a longer time to get the temperature. Many parents are usually a bit nervous when using this thermometer since as the name suggests it is generally inserted in the rectum. The modern digital rectal thermometers are designed in such a way that they do not have to be inserted very far.

Smart thermometer

The smart thermometers are the new kids on the block as far as the baby thermometers are concerned. These thermometers use the interface of electronic devices like the phones. All you need is a wearable patch that is placed on the armpit of the toddler to record and wireless transmit the temperature recorded. There are others whereby the thermometer takes the underarm, rectal, oral, or the ear reading and uses the wireless connection like Wi-Fi to send data. This thermometer is one of the best since the temperature can be graphed or tracked over time which might be useful especially to the pediatricians.

Temporal-artery thermometers

The temporal-artery thermometers are also called the forehead thermometer. They are one of the newest models in the market and are pricey. They utilize the infrared scanner to take the readings of the temporal artery. By having a quick swipe on the forehead, the temperature will be recorded and displayed. They are used in many hospitals because they are convenient, safe, and comfortable. Initially, they were used for children who were more than three months, but research has established that they can be used on children of any age. However, for accurate temperature readings, make sure that you confirm the temperature recorded with that from the rectal thermometer.



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